Monday, March 28, 2011

"If I was a dead bird, what would you do?" - Kaelin and his birdie - this one fell our of a tree -
and a day or so later , they both fell asleep, and only one of them awoke ...

My young son leaves his child-like plea for help upon a piece of art paper

"If i was a dead bird, what would you do?" is what he has to simply say

How many boys have plunged to untimely deaths, after sadly falling prey?

A world so caught up in yester and tomorrow, that there is not even a today.

I must forgive myself for screeching like a banshee, " I wish you were dead."

What absolute trash to be kept inside of this protective Mother's hurting head

Any clear-minded person would know that my heart was sick and tired in bed

And, something hurtful was all that my unwise self had left to immaturely say

How easy it is to get caught up in our own man-made fears of lies and abuse

So much so .. that we somehow feel justified to fling hurtful and harmful things 

Tearing apart our safe nest and pulling precious feathers from wounded wings

Forgetting the sweet music of blessed bird as he fearlessly flies high and sings

Knowing in our hearts of healing hearts, that there is certainly no justified excuse

For when we repay another, be it mother, brother, sister or own blessed child

With wicked words of a sharp-tongued heart, closed and untended and wild

We give not just cause for conscious behaviour or love upon us, that has smiled

Any parent or person that feels so unloved that they would cast stones at un-grown

In their own loveless lives, has not enough tenderness, been often enough shown 

Once we forgive ourselves and our emotions we wisely choose  to responsibly own

We are free to love ourselves and our innocent children, before death's wishes are filed!

Katherine Marion


Rather than feel sad and sorry and ashamed of my silly and irrational behaviour, I am sharing my elation in finding my son's "Help," as scribbled in his art book. With over half a dozed pairs of seeing eyes that he so wisely etched into the paper. Along with those telling words that this healing heart shall always remember: "If I was a dead bird, what would you do?"


There is a story that i am soon to share, as well .. Right after my beloved Mommy passed away, a few frightful years ago, I broke up with my rage-feuled fiance and constantly angry x for my own sanities sake. My amalgam fillings from childhood - starting falling out. My son fell in love with a wee and wounded bird. This gentle friend and my 9 year young son, hurting so ..  not able to yet, really able to voice his feelings or emotions that are still slowly awakening ... were quite "the birds of a feather." 

One day that little baby orphan fell out of a tree. Soon, to live in a box beside my son's head, at his side of the bed. Yet, mostly, within the long, blond locks of his rich, lustrous hair. Until ...

And, that is one more story .. that needs to one bold day, be so beautifully ... told. 



  1. does Kaelin feel lkie he was killed or kept dead..without using his own will to will things his way, do his thing; what he wants, feel what HE wants and does what he wants to do, say how he feels, not do something without getting killed for having made his choice..yes Kat, he needs to have his own life...does he yet? with your approval or does his approval come from you only conditionally? After all we do not own our children we brought them into this world, not for us but for the sake of life andhis life is his you see it this way too?

    his own time? That is dead feeling ....?

  2. Jeanne, you and the world would be a whole lot better off, by you showing you own face and speaking your truth. No need to play Psychologist - just because you have spoken to one, for years. Do you not ever think about how nice it would be for you to start offering up words of encouragement, rather than always judging and defining and defiling others? I don't see you placing a fearless heart up on your your own pages. Stop pointing fingers and use them for typing out your own truth, instead. And, as a single mother, that you are, also - i could say much and more .. And, i shall not. You really need to stop going off the deep end, get on your bike, get some fresh air, eat some alkaline foods, think positive thoughts and quite condemning beautiful souls, such as me. Grateful Goddess, K

  3. Katherine stop talking, you talk yourslef into a corner. As a woman I speak my truth, if I saw a dead bird I would put it on the earth where it belongs to naturally decay.

    If you do not want others to comment, then do not expose so is not my intention to hurt give the things that seem to "hurt" you power...try to see the positivity in things of other people, you are not the only one who carries the light within you...and do not call me a single mom I hate that cliche. I am not a single mom, my sons father is God...take it for what it is worth you-it is worth lots to me. kisses my friend

  4. Jeanne, your interpretation of my writing is a far cry from my original intention. My blessed boy found a bird without a mommy, and looked after it - sleeping is Kaelin's hair, where that lovely baby joy of my young son' s - right after his Grandma passing away - died in his hair, one peaceful morn. I am not going to interpret the rest ... And, maybe have a look at your own comments and how they are always critical and your prose is always negatively directed at me. You have sent me hate mail in the past, via email and i have always forgiven you. For this is my loving nature. Yet, you know some of the behaviours towards me .. and your rash of constant criticisms; all because you do not love yourself and you perceive me as some sort of threat. All i have ever wished is to be your friend, as when you choose to remember, it was you who first came to me .. after you 'lost' your son and were losing your own sense of self. You have every reason to be angry, and enraged - yet, not at me. Transform your darker emotions and send forth light. Try writing in a daily home journal - as i also, do - and/or create your own supernatural blog. You are incredibly talented. Your lovely eyes reveal so much loving life. You have the capacity to be very kind and compassionate. EVen though much .. has been taken from you - gifts are everywhere in your blessed world. So, why do you, like some half-buried and totally unhappy ghost, continue to haunt my hallowed halls and herald me in with hell and brimstone? Look in your own mirror and clean the surface, and you will see me in a wholesome new light!!! This is love - Katherine

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  8. This is 2011 and you need to look at the people who are all responding to you ( as you gave so much to them!) as your "angels" helping you to finally SEE whats outside of you in your world looking back at YOu..they are telling you something and you need to be able to read the writing on the wall and be grateful that all those souls really do care and care enough to "haunt your hallowed halls" and even persist with their brand of rational sharing ( each has their own brand as you do) and they do love and they do respond and you need to see it that way.

    It is 2011, so much light and they are asking you ( in my version of seeing) to give up the dross and be lighter. You continue to fight and spit and hiss and thrash around seeeminly paranoid and all that is being asked is to let GO! of the dross, the unnecessay subconscious self defeat railing against your own shadow your postings ( like incantations) have mesmerized to yourself---look in your mirrow, do not shrink, and shed according to your reflection that you are seeing in the form of retorts and posts. Embrace your shadow side, love it, forgive it and realize that you are light and are being asked to let go of the dross...not that hard reallyu and no pain except in your own mind.
    Get ready for 2012 as things will get speedier and the dross will only make it more painful to let go...ya gotta or you will appear to be "not with it" as you will not be with all the insane, unnecessary dross.
    practice love as you say...that is all there is even when people who you call trolls post...there is only love, there is only love...there is only love interpret things charitably...there is only love, only love is real..this is love

  9. yes Katherine, i find you profound and I too have gained much thru my experiences with zany, irreverant, rowdy and bawdy, incorrigible, childlike, profund and simpleness....and sexy as it has reinforced my freedom to be me and just the same in my way.

    keep on truckin friend and kaelin this post may put a smile on your handsome face!

  10. oh I forgot boadcious, also not shy to ask for what you want...never feeling undeserving of it either! oops let us not ask for what we need and what we want as we are the rich offspring of an awesome powerful loving creator...

  11. After years of giving my Goddess-sent best on this blog that broads with vipers for tongues .. have to so shoddily prod upon - i find these few comment from Jeanne D'Norcio who has been following me for years .. online - especially.

    Anyone who knows how envy can twist a person into even more unconscious contortions .. will not allow extortions.. of these puny proportions .. to empede.

    I am here to receive ..
    not to recede .. as the fractured hairline of asses with no classes or class - at best.

    Thus, my telling heart .. doeth attest.

    And, until i remember how delete more of derogatory comments made by a woman who who has mental health issues - and enough venom to float a large blow-up Godless Gorilla to Manila with far from vanilla sugar to stir into her soured cup of tell-tale tea- i shall just leave a loving dollop of compassionate poetry.

    Magically Me.

    special k


    Thanks to "hater's such a J- i remember how valuable i am.