Monday, March 7, 2011

If You Think I'm TinkerBell ...

If you think I'm TinkerBell

you're not too early to join wee Peter and Wendy in hell

If you think I'm Madame Curie

you'd better wait for your own pounding .. of cure

If you think I'm Katherine The Great

you're by far, for this fair Maid Marion, way too late

If you think I'm Supernatural Woman

you've got a lot of healing to do- silly,young man

If you think I'm Rawsome Chef

you've still got a lotta work to do on yourself

If you think I'm your Mommy

you're still stuck inside someone else's fat ummy

If you think I'm Mother Theresa with tits

you're in for some holy, wholesome, homey grits

If you think I'm here for you to abuse

you're the unholy one I will do more than to accuse

If you think I'm here to at all, disregard

you've already lost your balls in my yummy yard

If you think I'm here to sit pretty and show off

you're the dummy doll, with only heart - turned hard

If you think I'm a Goddess Great

you'd better save your saliva, since your gonna salivate

If you think I'm here to empower myself and others

you've earned my respect; honoured Sisters and Brothers!

Katherine Marion

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Very Special K

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