Saturday, March 12, 2011


Mommy came to visit

sweet dream experience 

LOVE so exquisite 

I heard her softly say

afternoon of yesterday

to STAY, that she may

From behind my door

VOICE never to ignore

not one to ever implore

"You there, Katherine?"

HEART purest and clean

dear DIVINE does deem

I FEEL her presence

that LOVING essence

 HEALER resonance

Into my HAPPY home

LOVE brought her own


Katherine Marion


Raising a teen pubescent boy, in this wounded world, does offer up many a challenge. Dealing with 'fans' that ask me the most insane questions; such as "how do you live without sex?" when they find out that i am single. Calling up the police to give them further details on the 4 abusive young males who stood below my suite and yelled out derogatory comments for 20 minutes, Sleep deprivation. Removing emotional blocks. Letting go of fears ... Gaining new insights .. Such spiritual work!

So,  upon this past afternoon, when my beloved MOMMY knocked at my door to call my name, as she once used to and I never knew that she may not, again - I went to the highest place of purest bliss.

All day and night, into this magical morn - my heart has held onto this precious treasure.

Gratitude on each and every magical realm and mysteriously mystical measure,



  1. Sweet katherine, one day, although not too oon, she will be knocking at your door again...she will be young again and you will be surprised at her happiness...Jeanne

  2. Eating raw food and obsessively working out does not cleanse you of what happened to you. Molding your son into a mindless minion of yours will not prevent him from suffering later in life. Disregarding reality and pain with vague, mystical rants will not make you well. Pay more real attention to your son, and don't just wait til the camera is rolling to say I love you. I have a friend who was a lot like you, she was abused and never felt clean ever after. She turned to new age practices and things like you're into, it's really striking how similarly you two behave. She recently had a mental collapse because she never faced reality. None of us knew her pain. Face it in a real way. Please treat your son like he is a person and not a cat.