Friday, March 4, 2011

How Many Times

How many times have we wallowed in the filthy stench of self pity?

To see a face looking back at us .. that is the furthest thing from pretty

How many times have we blamed all, rather than own responsibility?

Waiting for something to happen outside of ourselves is plain crazy

How many times  have we obsessed over something that is nothing?

Holding onto the physical realm can cause even a bee to lose his sting

How many times have we lost ourselves when someone later found us

Clutching the past, tainting the future, and of today, making such a fuss?

How many times have we closed our hearts because of our silly mind

Fear is what makes a good clock that once worked, so terribly unwind

How many times have we stopped being who we truly want to be?

As everything inside of us screams out that we are meant to be Free!!!

Katherine Marion


Sometimes we can re-invent ourselves to many times over

that we never felt further away from the truth

or hellishly older

Sometimes we can lie to ourselves better than anyone else

so good is our ultimate self-deception

we might as well be our own evil elf

Sometimes we can make our bed and choose to stand alone

the ultimate truth lays waiting

ready to accept us and finally bring us home!

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