Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Son's Self Mutilation

My Son's""Self Mutilation"

i AM

of covering up ..
for others

there not ..
more Mothers

raising their Sons'
to Be
special someONE's?

No wonder
i rarely sleep
at night

for what i shall face
in the mindless morn
on a planet that has sworn
off of all innocence
and real

Well, this Goddess
is gonna

no matter what the cost
or sleep lost

Hope lays embossed
upon my broken-hearts' writing surface

Sails tossed ..
and torn

old clothes worn
upside-down smiles ..

one more sheep
sadly ..shorn

This "Amazing Mommy"
is none to soon
to really ... blow ..
her horn!!!!

Katherine Marion


Goddess, i could write all night.
Yet, seeing that it is closing in on 5 am and Puppy Love .. awaits one Shining Star .. who has dropped down, momentarily to this wounded world .. to do some real, challenging 'work."

When, all She really wants to do ..
Hug her child!!!!

WoMAN Kind


This .. is in direct and divine response .. to a reply from "Flower' who left a very deep message on a recent post on this female heroine's blog.

Blessings to all of the boys on this planet who are pushed to be 'less than men.'
special K

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