Monday, February 25, 2013

Sometimes M y Little Girl Gets Really Hurt

                                 Sometimes my little girl gets really hurt
                                 she feels as if her heart shall surely break
                                 had more pain than anybody could take
                                 reason why she keeps doing 'their work'

                                 Sometimes my little girl sobs in total pain
                                 she feels as if her life doesn't matter, at all
                                 often she thinks, this could be her 'last fall'
                                 then she remember to get back up, again

                                 Sometimes my little girl is left all by herself
                                 she feels that no one cares if she's still alive
                                 selfish people; said: " I love you," and lied
                                 as if she's some broken doll on their shelf

                                 Sometimes my little girl feels so much love
                                 she believes that she is all that ever mattered
                                  wisdom known by soul's; long battered
                                 caresses come from purest Angels; above!

                                  Katherine Marion

                              Just like when my dad passed away, and one night,
                              I was laying upon my  bed ; I saw a brightening ..
                              The most incredible connection ...
                              like a light outside of me, had become brighter ...

                            This time.. same feeling
                             as i see my own shadow.. whilst writing
                             Fro the moon has opened up her arms to hold me
                             I see her looking, ever lovingly
                             from her perch .. outside my window

                             My Mother is here
                             and she spft;u tells me; " Go to bed, Katherine."
                             An,d i do



  1. Have you heard yet about the OPPT lawsuit? ..psst tell your little girl:
    hope you are feeling good mostly

  2. Cute - Jeanne.

    My little girl and and i will be going right over there ..

    Sending love to you and your 'little girl.'

    Puppy Love and i are looking for a place near water to live - preferably near Stanly Park, if you know of any ...?


    purring momma K

  3. hi I just saw this… new email is tel 604 424 8190

    I am interested to help out if I can? let me know how is everything?
    we are ok all is well…enough

  4. Thank you, with all of my aching heart for what you just said ... offered. .. and have done.


    momma k and puppy love