Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How Much Pain til You Drop?

                                            How much pain til ya pop?
                                        have you watched a body drop?              

                                         How much pain til you drop?
                                    with all that blood, shall we use a mop?i
                                          How much pain til you drop?
                                        how sinister is your seeds crop?

                                         How much pain til you drop?
                                    know why you consider your life a flop?                            

                                         How much pain til you drop?
                                    can crying, really  make you a silly sop?

                                        How much pain til you drop?,
                                     oh, wouldn't be nice to simply shop?

                                        H ow much pain til you drop?
                                     aren't you tired of that 'same old'  slop?

                                       How much pain til you rutop?
                                 most who hit bottom  .. never reach the top!!!

                                    Katherine Marion

                                  A life that is not lived to help others...
                                  points to one who is  barely alive!

                                  I see death camps .. all a.und me
                                  fools .. following .. aimlessly

                                 Your lost ..
                                 until you set yourself FREE ....!!!!!





  1. i was commenting on the other blog, which kaelin said was "hacked" (which is a lie), but it seems like i couldn't press reply to your post so I'll say it here, it's a good thing that you have failed so hard (i explained how in the other blog), for your great failure has made my presence existent, which now will forever be, you were in the right path and they were in the wrong, he was such a beautiful natural male, but in the end those people took him away and made him a slave like all the rest, the last post on "happyhomelearner" was obviously made by him because of others influences, after he mutilated his hair recently it was already done, but they will pay for doing this to him and all males which do not deserve this kind of enslavement, this has consequences, this which has destroyed humanity... you are not alone anymore, going against true evil, perfection has been made because of you creating and being with him temporally

  2. Well!

    If you like to 'shock' - feel free to attempt
    Firstly, Yes, i agree - he did recently "hack" his hair. My sentiments, exactly.
    There are far more influences that me - sadly - that do not care about him or the keeping of his natural innocence.
    It is good to see that someone else 'gets it.'
    For i am feeling what he has done - as in "hacked' on the deepest level.

    This is about the foster home, and the abuse.
    This is about being a teen and numbing out .. after no one listening .. except your Mother.
    An insane society

    You are very seeing ..

    Yet, i have not 'failed."

    I am far more positive that you, it seems.
    I must be

    or, he is lost
    more so .. than even ,now

    I am still AM - "on the right path."

    They, as you so astutely state: "are not."

    Feel free to sign my recently created petition to mcfd and others .. as viewed and available on my site;


    When you sign, please do write your sentiments as one other lovely heart .. has.

    "Being with hesim, temporarily," hurts.
    I will always be "with him."
    I do know and understand what you mean, though.

    I look about the innocence i kept alive .. for so torridly long. And, i could 'cry a million rivers' when i see what is being done and what i knew for so long .. and NO ONE would help.
    And, I tried.
    Did I.

    And no matter what .. i am not finished..

    nor, is he

    I am so glad that you read the energy .. too.
    Even with that harsh reality of "mutilated" it is true.

    What unkind of a world is this ..?

    Well, " thee is a reason for everything and I am going to make every shred of pain that Kaelin has been forced to endure .. count.

    I am so very sorry that it ever had to come to this .. painful point .. especially for my beautiful boy who is being falsely taught and told that he was 'not enough' as he was.

    Goddess, i helped keep him pure and beautiful.

    I am beginning to sob.
    For you may not know all of the rest of the sordid details ..

    One day, all .. will know.
    And, few will do or be anything ..

    Still, i shall ..

    you are
    I am

    For Love's sake,

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  4. Thank you, Jeanne, for divinely deciding to do otherWISE!

    i was thinking of you, recently. With a new Gabriola gal friend, who was helping me move.. we read that incredible verse and positive affirmation upon that tall, lovely poster that you so kindly gifted me with, a few years ago.

    So very powerful ...

    Grateful for the highest parts . of lovely you,
    momma K

  5. A lot of the reason i left Van, was due to far too many.. being harshly unkind to my son and I.

    After 3 months on this wee and wonderful island, i have literally lived .. through a 'living hell.'on many levels.

    I feel my soul has orbited round the sun and back again ..

    worn down
    beaten down
    devoured by fire
    consumed by flames ..

    to rise, once more

    A supernatural sojourn, to 'put it mildly.

    Full and Conscious Circle,
    kat purring