Saturday, February 2, 2013

In a World of Wounded Men

This is the boy I am raising to be a 'REAl MAN' in an unreal world.  No matter what it takes .. Or, who attempts to falsely lay unconscious claim to handsome healer - him. This sacred seed is made of my fabulous of moral fibre - in deed. Mine own .. 'flesh and blood.' No one ... for too treacherously long ..will take what is not their's. And never was and will BE. No matter what snares and mibegotten webs .. they woefully weaave. For soaring spirits and sweetest souls .. always come back from misfortunes' .. forth. For they do .. divinely BELIEVE.
 pic taken 2 weeks ago, at Gabriola Ferry Terminal
                                                              In a world of wounded men
                                                              what does beloved Mother  do..

                                                              In a world of wounded men
                                                              how can her  blessed boy, win ...

                                                             In a world of wounded men
                                                             where do boys believe in  ...

                                                             In a world of wounded men
                                                             who is loser .. leader of follower's ..

                                                              In o wrld of wounded men
                                                              why is a Woman so undervalued ...

                                                             In a world of wounded men
                                                             when does a Real Man come to help ..

                                                           Belieivng in a higher order,

                                                           Katherine Marion

                                                         Not 'disorder' or others giving One - masses
                                                         massive 'orders.'
                                                          I live by divine and devoted decree.

                                                         Ths be beauties .. blessing; Goddess gave
                                                          unto magical Me!

                                                          That is why You are part of Me.

                                                          Together is all - as within never wondering
                                                           or wnadering and ever hopeful WE!!!!


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