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Saturday, February 2, 2013

I set out to do as i did ..

                                        Eating Aaron's teats; created at Gorilla Food - for Kaelin

                                                         I set out to do as i did ...
                                                   unleash the sadness form my kid

                                                         I set out to do as i did...
                                                  separate the madness .. from my kid

                                                          I set out to do as i did ...
                                                 remove insanity's touch .. from my kid

                                                          I set out to do as i did ...
                                                replace meaness with Love ..for my kid!

                                                Katherine Marion

                                               One more pic i just found .. after all of these not always
                                              so yummy years.
                                              Reminding myself .. amidst all of the fears .. that; " If i did it
                                              once ... I can do it - again."
                                              Meaning; right now, my teen son is in another ill-fitting vice-grip,
                                              that has nothing to do with being literally taken away ..
                                              This time . the abused part of him - victimized . - is refusing to
                                              see what is vital and of foremost importance in his life.

                                              Even if freed ..
                                              We are the ones .. who must ultimately .. free ourself.

                                              In Hopes and Readiness,

                                             Momma K with love in her lightness of being

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