Thursday, October 31, 2013

I may not be perfection - but I AM Perfect for you!

                          I may not be perfection
                          but, I AM perfect for you!

                          Nobody can tell a heart
                          what to say or "never do"

                          We were alive before hell
                          Our love stays warm and true

                           Naysayers may have 'say'
                           Heaven finds home to stay

                           I may not be perfection 
                           but, I AM perfect for you!

                           Any mind can lay the blame
                           every heart choose not renew

                           Tenderness:, rare hearts share
                           yet, sadly ever so fearful, few

                           All is peace; within magical me
                           As we lay rights as loving family!

                           Katherine Marion


                          A lot of storms ... have come our wondrous
                          way, this past 11 years. We weathered
                          them, one and many.

                          Unfortunately, with wounded soldiers
                          dropping at our once sun-kissed feet,
                          a plenty ...

                          We caught ill .. and were host to a bevy ..
                          that was far beneath us - not of  love's

                          Spiraling downward .. into a fire that
                          no Angel would choose kiss

                           Our earthly mark, we did start to miss
                           here, we are now - forward to 'this' ..

                           Anything can be fixed . when we have
                           more need to recover and divinely discover
                           than wants ... to foolishly suffer and continue                         
                           to willfully plunder, blunder, and asunder ...
                           " Always right, and buried 6 feet

                           What ungodly good - is a God or Goddess ..
                           when fueled by self righteous thunder ?

                           Power comes when ego leaves ... Just as falling
                           leaves of one more fading autumn past - what is
                           meant to stay - " will be done," and shalt forever
                           as savage at that surrendering storm ... forever last!!!!

                           Love is all that is left to Embrace,

                           Katherine Marion






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