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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Courage to Love

Summer of 2003 - King Kaelin and Mommy

                                                      Courage to Love
                                              Nothing will ever be more important
                                              true heart knows not of self restraint
                                              what others say is far from relevant
                                              never let - dirt; a precious soul; taint

                                              Hold closely, the one who loves you
                                              yours is the light, she allowed through
                                              within her, deepest powera to renew
                                              ever embrace strongest feelings; true

                                              Fearless be of losing even a heartbeat
                                              always a reason; divine souls do meet
                                              forever strong; Love's most earthly feat
                                              as from above; runs solid and so deep

                                              Allow emotions to truly rise to surface
                                              fearless of jealous neighbor of distress
                                              King Kaelin; lose not sleep, over duress
                                              believe in yourself; Goddess does Bless!

                                              Katherine Marion

                                              Note how close he 'clings,' never fearful of
                                              anything .. other than feeling safe with his heart
                                              .. beautifully vulnerable to remain rooted. .with
                                               eternal blessings . that unconditional love - brings!


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