Tuesday, October 1, 2013


K2 Forever - 2003 Maternal Love lives on ... throughout and within ...
      Stanley Park, Vancouver, B.C.

I want love in every heart
I want healing of every part

I want energy to expend and share
I want ease and effort .. to dare

I want rights for all - just and fair
I want others; of themselves, to care

I want nights where no heart is bare
I want a head full of happy hair

I want days emptied of despair
I want a world - more aware

I want my Son to rise, once again
I want to soar .. on a scale of 10

I want a man who is his own God
I want a beautiful from the inside - bod

I want a baby to suckle the breast
I want a land that loves knows best

I want to be paid to see and write
I want to be host to soul's delight

I want to train my mind to empty
I want to forgive myself, entirely

I want to end suffering on Earth
I want to begin; Joy to unearth

I want to touch this flower - I am
I want to ease into ONE divine plan!!!!

With my highest intentions,
Katherine who knows what good feels like and loves to understand, thus she gives as much Love and Compassion for self and others .. as Goddess-sent ... SHE .. can

Katherine 'maid for Love' Marion

Inspired by a noteworthy post on how Jeronimo - aka Jerome on my facebook 'friends' list - does not appreciate hearing; " I want ..."
So very true - as I have often, sadly, noted
thus, my

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