Thursday, October 31, 2013

Noth'n scary .. about a Wholesome Lotta Love!!!

                                                      Noth'n Scary ...
                                                      bout a Wholesome lotta Love

                                                      What's scarier?
                                                       Not to hold on  ..
                                                       to one's earthly Angel - from above

                                                       Noth'n Scary ...
                                                       bout a Wholesome lotta Love

                                                       What's scarier?

                                                       To let go of ...
                                                       heart's Hope;  'push comes to shove'

                                                        Noth'n Scary
                                                        bout a Wholesome lotta Love

                                                        What's scarier?

                                                        Forgetting truth
                                                        only to sink into the stink'n mud ..

                                                       Noth'n Scary
                                                       bout a Whole lottaLove

                                                       What's scarier?

                                                       Remembering lies
                                                       told by liars who won't shut up!!!!

                                                       Kathrine Marion

                                                      With my 2 self-appointed furry Guardian Angels...
                                                       Thelma at my trusted side, and baby bro- Edward,
                                                       upon my lovely lap - i am blessed by love's caress.

                                                       My son is going through his own hell ... on a planet
                                                        sent spinning ...unmercifully into Mercury retrograde.
                                                       Waters infested by worse than Chernobyl radiation'
                                                       causing thousands of still-births . Killing our ocean's
                                                       magical mammal's, while literally melting down ..
                                                       innocent multi-pointed sunken Starfish,
                                                       along the unloved length of our wounded West Coast..

                                                       For weeks, i have been consuming my usual filtered
                                                       water - with added 2% iodine, Carefully cautioning  my
                                                       somewhat angst-ridden teen, as well. Modern day malady
                                                       of absolute apathy has ' no need to apply' here. Not if
                                                       and when .. one and hopefully - all , wish to live.

                                                       Rather than be consumed by a river of despair. Fearfully
                                                       rushing into a sea of disquiet and malcontent that threatens
                                                       the very lives .. it once gave - we must save what is real
                                                       and sane.



                                                      We were living and loving .. our blissful life; atop our old                                                                             penthouse - overlooking Lost Lagoon, 11 or so ... magical
                                                      years ago. There were still maddening marauders on our
                                                      real-ation-ship that sailed - without fail. Yet, our open hearts ..
                                                      did prevail.

                                                      Never to stray .. we kept our well lit into darkening night
                                                     .. alive  and filled with hope.

                                                      As must be continued - for all of mankinder to come out - each
                                                      and every one - a Supernatural Winner!


                                                      "Amazing Mommy" and Baby K- get'n their magical
                                                      makeup done - at the Stanley Park Ghost Train ride ...
]                                                    into a fun-filled hell .... Ha!



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