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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big Orange Orb in a Puppy Lov'n Sky

Feeding our 2 Lab pups .. leftover juice pulp
they love to ferociously
deliciously ..

Then, a pound of meat

Shortly thereafter ..
to gleefully fly
out the door
for more .. fun

merely to trip ..
over the moon crowding into my minds eye
'think i am gonna die'
of magic's love-lit .. delight

traipsing down a dark and deserted alley
blind-sided by the rare sight
of a huge orange orb
handing from the early morn sky

my, oh, my!

chasing a dirty tennis ball
down quiet streets
of my wealthy neighborhood
things are ..
as they should ..

beautifully Be

Wagging our tails
moon tanning,

Bold and Free!

Sharing my joy and miss'n my boy,
love one "Amazing Mommy"



Ever inspired .. 
now, to Sleep

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