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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

That's okay.I don't mind if your gay!"

                            " That's okay. I don;'t mind if your gay!"             
                              is what the simpleton's idiot, had to say

                            " That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                              dimwitted x, from 3 decades ago, will pay

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                              said the spiritual pauper; brain's amskray

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                              inferred the furious inner faggot, at play

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!":
                             projecting putrid puke; all over our day


                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                             irelevant inelegance .. did undivinely spray ..

                             "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                             'mouse of a man,' upon my boy - to prey

                            "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay!"
                            spilling only .. his own telltale tray ..

                            "That's okay. I don't mind if your gay"
                            sordid skunk; stuck in his selfish disaray!

                            Katherine Mairon


                           "Do you have a girlfriend, yet?," is how his sick,
                           little game .. all started. Kaelin, innocently, standing
                           in the kitchen, across from me. G walks past us;
                           bored out of his mindless head. And let's this drivel
                           .. spray forth.

                           My 15 year old son, soon after asked me, " Mommy, 
                           what do you think of what Greg said .. ?"

                          Silly me. That is where i made my error.

                          " Oh, he was just joking."

                          Then, my son said nothing.

                          I was not trying to even protect the dummy and dunce.

                          It was my naive son i was hoping to help .. to feel better

                          For, i was, too - also, initially, somewhat in shock    

                          Oh, if i could only turn back .. the 'dumb-ass' cock ..
                          er, oops - 'clock'

                         I would have bounced him and his 'will not's ' ( red-necks
                        carry 'em in their tight pants, for lack of anything else . that
                        needs fitting .. in

                        I already reminded him, " There's a reason I left you, G..."
                        Told my once so innocent son, the same thing ..
                        Too bad the little dickadee-doo's wounding words ..
                        sunk .. and stuck in

                       If he ever chooses to look honestly at himself , in his jaded
                       mirror - all far from handsome he .. will see, looking back
                      at hell-bent him - is his thoughtless, mindless, jealous, envious,
                      'evil twin."

                      Humbug to him.
                      That unhappy ending .. is one Goddess-damned .. fine place
                      to begin ..

                     Bless the sunlit path my boy once walked upon.. before others
                     soiled his mind .. and spoiled the divine ..

                     Nothing angrier than a 'hornets nest' or a Mother messed with
                     My child is not yours to beat down . like you once did .. unto me

                     If i were even and ever a battered dog of unyummy yours ..
                     you would not be 'good enough' to crawl upon .. as a filthy flea
                     upon gorgeously well-appointed self actualized Me!!!

                    Go bad bug ..
                    Leave my blessed boy - BE!!!


                  "Mother on a Mission. Woman with a Vision."




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