Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cavorting In a Shallow Pool ... April Fool!

Cavorting in a shallow pool

mis-creates an April Fool

Creating a real, true man

means leaping into fry pan

Moving beyond mundane

excuses made by insane

Looking back to forgive

allows a future to live

Crying out in contempt

makes a soul - love exempt

Hiding from your own pain

hardly makes you sane

Hurting another with rage

does not your heart engage

Selfish acts are tall the same

gaining you God-less fame

Hurting those who love you

reveals your self to be untrue

Hiding the truth from yourself

keeps you from inner wealth

Seeking pain as pay-back

shows your rage, in fact

Limiting your own potential

losing out on the essential

Bless you in your tiring tirade

i am no longer your pretty slave

You have no respect for anyone

goodbye to you, truly selfish one!

Katherine Marion


Sadly, what i feel  many of us Women .. what we do, is all together -  too much!

 Especially for others ..

This recent Xmas, i was called,  a "Fucking Cunt," by the donator of fast swimming sperm, that used to tell me so many times a day, " I love you," that i seriously began to believe that i may never be able to live without him. Or, so he told me, and tried to convince me.

After going through my purse, pockets, bank accounts and attempting to steal my business and rob me of any shred of self respect.

Not before kicking me in the leg and smacking in the face ( lightly, mind you - yet ... ), as a gift for giving him a baby, when our beloved boy was a few months old. And, right in front of him, too!

My homeschooling 14 year young son, celebrates his 15th birthday on this precious planet, April 4th. And, sadly, that means dearest dead-beat dad, must make his festive holiday call, to visit the son he neglects so well and wonderfully.

And, my job, as a devout believer in love, forgiveness and believing in giving everyone a chance for redemption .. is wretched!

I am seen as the hard-working and not to be won over, any longer ( proud single mom, for a life-saving almost 15 years, now - Bravo ) , and thus, no need to be kind, thoughtful or even close to gracious. Especially towards the horrid woman who stole the sperm and got away with barely her wits, lost her successful business and practically busted her brain and aching heart to escape into a saner reality, after she told him to take his "ego" and leave.

Or, else, "stay here with LOVE." Sadly, for Kevin, no longer "from Heaven," he was not strong enough. SHE was. Even though, parts of her practically fell apart as she regained her sense of well-being, healed the leg that was almost falling off of her, and began to trust in herself and her own almight Goddess-given powers that be and bless and are to beheld in highest reverence.

Yet, what can even a Goddess, expect from an "addict," is all i need say, at this time. Sadly, he still thinks it is his privilege to call me misogynistic names on seasonal holidays, and holler at me, days before my blessed son's birthday. What more can i expect from someone who has virtually no self love, at all?

What i need to do?

Look after me ...

Oh, let me count the ways.

This month shall be just about that ... finding and creating and calling out and enterprising ways to look after the person who matters most in my world.


love me K.M.

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  1. "I can't relax if you keep stealing my grapes"