Sunday, May 15, 2011

How to Heal after your your life of LOVE is virtually destroyed!

The Supernatural Summer in Vancouver, B.C. - Before 'it' happened ..

I was playing in the sand one day

whence upon a webmaster came to say

"Would you like to have your very own site?"

So, tempting, upon that sunlit day

'Supernatural Woman ' began to play

For this gift ...

I was soon, to severely pay!

He took pictures of me at the beach

anywhere within his photographic reach

Every week and more, he would bring me visuals, full score

There was a lesson that this would teach

Painful one ...

Trust your instincts, i beseech!

My life was filled with innocent fun

one loving mommy and her 8 year young son

We would stay up late and sleep in and enjoy our blissful life

Staying together ...

Until that breach of injustice unto us, was done!

A dirty 'friend' send me a very profane email

Against my child's "devil's forked tongue," she did rail

Still stalking me, online, and hates mr more than than truth or light

Negative energy ..

Dark energies  that trips you up and hopes you will forever fail

Wonderful world shared with everyone; to see

How could I have known that next, in would pounce the M.C.F.?

Crazy-maker's make lots of fanfare about what they do not understand or know

Torn apart ..

Due to ignorance and slander within my unconscious community!

After 7 months spent in 2 gay males foster care

8 cavities, scream movies and  poisoned with Barfer Kind fare

Cutting through all the lies and deceit to have 'their pawn' returned, alive

Barely so ...

White bumps all over smooth skin, and fears that will always be there!

I was even told, "You deserved it," by a person or two

Some sad hearts will  hope to take away your happiness and destroy you

What's any heart in her right mind to calmly and kindly choose to blessedly do?

Create miracles ..

With forgiveness;  tuning tortures around and seeing it through!

At age 15, Kaelin is going through puberty and remembering pain

Feels like all that was done is happening, to us -  all over, again

This time, we are digging into the past that no one helped us wade or heal from

Treacherous work ..

PEACE was taken, and I know that only 2 open hearts can  keep it ... sane!

Katherine Marion


All one can do is work with what is at hand and keep highest visions aligned with what what we feel to be true for us and our very own.

Our power speaks volumes and truth shall always prevail.

LOVE is the intangible that shall never fail!!!



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  2. You're an odd person-But I appreciate it.

  3. Who cares about labels, aside for you - F?

    Did someone label and mediate you, at an early age?

    And, so what if i am able to be seductive and flirtatious, and lively and dramatic and ...

    Maybe i should just be mean-spirited, rude, obnoxious, and of ill manner, such as you.

    i like who i am - a whole-some lot better.

    Bye bye