Monday, May 2, 2011

Being The Believer

Being the believer


letting go of the deceiver

Most have already lost


once whole-heartedly embossed

Few will find


supporting them in thankful kind

One shall know


inside is where truth does glow ...

Katherine Marion


This early morn, as my teenage homelearner soundly sleeps, I watch the sky lighten, and my heart stays open to all that transpired, yesterday - in my ever fascinating life ...

And everyone that still lives in my heart, after being touched by me and my magical energy.

Last night, i felt the pain of many .. 

Loneliness is an all too common malady. We must reach out  .. to bring other precious people - closer.

How else are we ever to survive - as a species? Let alone, thrive - as independent and functioning adults who are able to give what we all deserve and ache for - LOVE!

Forever, it is absolutely vitally imperative - WE MUST KEEP DREAMING. 

For, when we DREAM - we have already created our own TRUTH.

An honest heart,


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