Monday, May 9, 2011

Freedom Rider

Freedom Rider

winds of change

within her

Freedom Rider

noisy exchange

beside her

Freedom Rider

actions of deranged

against her

Freedom Rider

powers arranged

inside her

Freedom Rider

family estranged

of hers

Freedom Rider


at her

Freedom Rider

Son en-caged

is hers

Freedom Rider

wisest sage

calls her.

Katherine Marion


Who is really watching? Are we the witness or the watched?

Is it truly safe to see ourselves as we go down ...?

Are we to allow our own children to stand by and watch us being massacred as we do nothing to protect ourselves or them?

What is left to salvage when we have given away our most precious gift?

Who do we really think we are?



After creating the name - "Freedom Rider" for my new password on one more account, this recent Mother's day, which was my worst one - in 15 years of history and now, HERSTORY, I felt empowered. Maybe i should have done that ONE - earlier yestermorn, or even and not always Steven, week. Thing is, it is done now and see the vision as beautifully as the breasts i sometimes spill flax crax crumbs upon.

Be kind to ourselves.

And, set out with a searing blow torch, if need be, to clear the way .. for that wondrous new path, that is to be lit, by those most powerful and empowered.

Such as you and me!

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