Friday, May 6, 2011

I Carried Her Groceries Home

I met her at the neighbourhood  7-11

this past late Wednesday night 

she was buying one ripe banana 

her red eyes were quite the sight

Carried her bags of groceries home

a mere few blocks from my place

she was slow and low on energy

her fear kept her in a negative space

Told her to drop her many apologies

begin writing positive affirmations

she was disconnected from self

her speech was filled with trepidation

Worried her yogurt would get warm

as we stood outside her tenants door

she was afraid to even nvite me inside

her scattered was not one to ignore

Complaining of arthritis and asthma

walking very slow and feeling so old

she told me was a mere sixty two

her power she'd chosen to place on hold

After a long time spent clashing heads

we met in the middle with our hearts

she was standing in her front yard

her kind words are what set her apart

Sharing with me as only a mother can

allowing me to see what i know is right

she wisely said to move to the country

her understanding brought in new light

Leaving her I felt high as a fluffy cloud

knowing that I had met one more Angel

she was brought to me by divine intention

her wise words i do hold ever grateful.

Katherine Marion


Many times, of past, have i met lovely Eva. Usually late, around midnight, after she leaves isolation to come forth from her loneliness. Her Mom just died, last year. Both of her married daughters, live in the States. Living in a big, beautiful house, filled with a front yard - filled with trees and space, she rents out the lower part of her home - which she barely leaves.

I have much compassion for this woman, since I know all about how fears can compress our mind and keep the magic from spilling forth. Watching her t.v. and listening to much professional advice from doctors and a medical system that is sicker that the patients it panders to. Practically dying in the clutter of a head space that she has polluted with modern technology and living a frenetic life in the city. 

Mirrors are everywhere we choose to look. Sometimes doing something for another .. turns out to be the best thing we could have ever have hoped to have done for our precious selves. Helping others is always the best thing we can do for ourself. Blessings come in many divine and earthly disguises. Follow our instincts that always speak the truth ... of all unlimited choices, is alway the most virtuous and wisest!

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