Monday, May 23, 2011

"BULLIES just want YOUR ATTENTION, Dear" - Mommy's advice

My mommy taught me - well

bullies own nothing

and no one

only running

their own personal hell

My mommy taught me  - wisely

bullies want attention

doing everything

going nowhere

by acting defiantly

My mommy taught me  -  young

bullies are harmless

saying mean things

talking silliness

wanting the desired one

My mommy taught me -  wisdom

bullies are blamers

settling old scores

pretending courage

when all they are is dumb!

Katherine Marion


This is my gift to the latest raft that floated in .. Online bullies that many might prefer or not , to call dreaded -" gang-stalkers."

Just this magical morn, i was telling my teen homeschooler, as we snuggled and shared hugs and happiness, about my own "Amazing Mommy."

Thus, reminding myself of an old story from my childhood, whence upon, Eddie Klimac ( maybe he's on facebook, too ), spit a big goober into my long, luscious locks. I was devastated.

Since my Mother had been, and still was .. a devastatingly beautiful woman, she already KNEW.

IMAGINE ... if i had lived my life, being as much of an ETERNAL COWARD, as the next bully who would make his/her lame-brained attempt at  trashing, hashing, bashing, or cashing in on me!!!

Proudly wearing  my Hairy Balls of Supernaturally Sexy Steel,



Oh, that felt so Empowering!!!!


  1. I can't relax if you keep stealing my grapes"

  2. Didn't you write that juicy retort .. already?

    in my last blog.

    Goddess Great and full,

    special K

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  6. "Judge not ... lest .. "

    As long as you hold fast to your inferiority complex, i shall have nothing to give, let alone to divulge to lonely you.

    Watch you words on my pages, if you wish to write on them, at all.

    Be self governing.

    Drop your labels and accusations. is my wicked acting/comedy/burlesque site ,that i hardly visit.

    Focus your thoughts, F

    You filthy mind is getting the best - whatever that is - of you.

    Bye bye