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Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Woman shall remain Homeless


                  As long as there is wind in my sweet sails
                  and my enlivened elfin spirit never fails

                  I promise my own streets shall be cleaned
                  compassion and vision; clearly gleaned

                  As communicated earlier ... just yesterday
                  telling old lady friend; Freeda, what may

                  Knowing that I am cleansing my aura
                  from Vancouver shores to Bora Bora

                  By loving each heart with helping hand
                  opening my self;  as I take loving stand

                  Letting no one forget their worthiness
                  with raw food and hugs, I choose bless

                  Truth can not be seen by blinded eyes
                  man un-kind, cannot cover up his lies

                  Girls broken;  pulling carts , lose parts
                  misogyny; mis-created by broken hearts

                  We all; once began as innocent babies
                   good dogs went mad; infected by rabies

                   Mindfulness modeled; firstly, at home
                   sharing loving natures; must be shown

                  Feeding the hungry is not about money
                  hunger has not to do with empty tummy

                  Fear begins in mind of a mindless man
                  ending up on the street; a tidy trash can

                  Creating life; each of us, becoming:'WE'
                  live life; from the heart - ever gratefully!

                  Katherine Marion


                  To protect the innocent; I am aware that
                   it would be unfair to share .. her name or
                   the safe West side street, that I found her,
                   begging upon.

                  Sitting on the cold sidewalk, with a mere
                  hoodie and light jacket on ..  this young
                  girl's story is not a positive one.

                   For some, there are supportive families to
                   come home, to ... Others, sadly, of life's
                   smashed and broken window .. they have
                   carelessly been tossed through ..

                   Imagine  .. a less wounded world, where
                   broken soldiers, knew what rightfulness
                   unto others .. to so kindly do ...?

                   How about you?

                  With all of my hopeful heart,

                  Special K -finding out, just how .. very ..
                  every new and sacred day!


                  Oh, Goddess!

                  Now, that love's lights are really turned high,
                  light .. filling my home, from a high ..

                  I spot that darned mouse, that if it were not
                  for my rental house, may not have a crumb.

                  Glad that even a rodent .. has someone to keep
                  him warm, well fed, and dry.

                  And, just think, I once wanted him to go away
                  and maybe even .. die!



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