Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GIRL Just Wants to Have Fun


GIRL just wants to have fun

finished her time on the run

 alone; she raises her only son

 of B.S., she has 'time' for none!

GIRL just wants to have fun

missing her beloved mom

 tears cried , by the tiring ton

 out of hiding, has she come


GIRL just wants to have fun

nobody forces her into a bun

of ALL - she is the sweet sum

'the past' is now, finally 'done'


 GIRL, just wants to have fun
learning to see herself as ONE
 any other than love; to shun

She is the cake, not the crumb!

Katherine Marion


This cold, gray, Vancouver morn, i awoke
to one more nightmare. Basically, being
rejected; misunderstood by others, and
paying the price - after speaking my voice.

With 3 1/2 hrs of sleep, under my sexy
black belt, I felt compelled to digest my
truth. Rather than soak in my usual
relaxing hot bath, I chose to write out
the descriptives of my telling dream.
Feeling my emotions as various waves
...rose and fell. Witnessing the life I had
so carefully created on-screen. Wisely,
no longer having to be involved. Letting
it all go. Leaving what felt right and real.
Allowing the rest .. to simply, dissolve.

A mouse scampering off of my leopard
print chaise lounge, really helped ..
Especially, as my 80 year young client
was just then .. buzzing me from my
downstairs intercom. Answering my
door in noisy high-heels. Well, only
if  you live .. and die .. downstairs.
Noting how this young-at-heart,
kept a set of keen eyes, as he stared at my
ample cleavage. All in the name of
humor - right?

During a very real interlude,
 one more x-coronary bypass
survivor, shared many stories of his
own sons' flagging health and some
of his own journey, Such intimacy
can not be dismissed. I coached him
on breathing .. in order to remove
himself from his cage of mad monkey's.
And, he is the maddest .. Nothing new.
Only beautiful!

Afterwards, a girl who is emotionally
struggling with her past, a current drug
addiction, and a wounded sense of self
worth, phoned me. I had to bring her
right into focus .. Only fair - to both of us.
After we discussed a tantra massage
course that we have both decided to take,
she needed to disclose .. Seems, as
I had already realized; she was once "one
of  the top escorts in N.America." So,what
does 'any of it,'  mean, now?

So many deep and meaningful interactions ...
This is the KIND of day, where a
divine deva does not even dwell on the
smallness of her own reality. With my
brother in a holding tank - jail - for
possibly close to 2 years, before his trial.
And, death threats to his life, already. A
son that must be led by example. And no
one to look up to .. except myself - looking'
back in the mirror, at me. My life is as
bright and beautiful as it is my ultimate choice
to perceive.

Such a good and Goddess-sent blessing, that
I continue to so irreverently ... BELIEVE!

Sharing my heart as she grows wings,



My self-portrait, today. After 'Giving for a Living.'



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