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Thursday, March 22, 2012

To LOVE .. is TO LOOK AFTER .. the ones we are LOVING

            Sometimes you gotta lose to win

           leave yesterday's pain .. with a grin

            to keep loving .. can never be a sin

          this time, only allowing 'the good, ' in

           A lotta yesterday can stir up some pain

            conscious composure, we must attain

          gone; be delusions of grandeur and fame

          to an opening of hearts - we must lay claim

           One kind deed oughta deserve two other ...

           kindness carries the kiss of a caring mother

           we need to take care of sister and brother

           from unconditional love; no need for cover

            Many heartbeats; reach out, to form one

            rays of light .. branch out from Father Sun

            Truth finds no further reason, nor to run

            now is the only time to let go.. let's have fun!!!

             Katherine Marion


             My days are becoming more divine. And, far less
             of a daze.

             What and who .. feels not so fine ..has already
             begun to shed .. and fall carelessly, upon its
             own dirty head.

              Like dead skin .. that once allowed no love
              or light .. in. I am a beautiful Butterfly, now
              blossoming into my own unique beauty.

              First, must come maturity. Allowing ones
              own ripening juices to steep .. within. Never
              going without .. again.


              What are the chances of most .. truly ever
              opening up?

              All i know is  that i would surely have died,
              if unto my self, I had wittingly lied.

              For when you ask your heart to open .. and
              that cluttered mind, to expand .. there are
              no borders to cross or boundaries to trespass.

              Many life lessons seem to be so wretchedly
              slow .. Yet, one thing .. that i do innately
              know . I need not see or seek another's Green
              light .. to pass "GO!"


              Freeda and I, enjoying our raw, vegan lunch,
              yesterday noon. We were treated to treats .. that
              I am all too aware .. we both deserve.

             Thank you blessed universe .. for hearing my
              Goddess-sent prayers.


              Mostly .. giving my gratitude, for finding my
              ever-rising Son,  asleep and safe, when I
              finally arrived home, many magical hours, later.

              And, that is another success-story.. in the making!




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