Friday, March 23, 2012

My Sexy Lepoerd Print Chaise Lounge; made for Me

My sexy Lepoerd-print chaise lounge; made for me

after my celebrated Vancouver radio show, in 2003

Nine not so naughty years later; she sits, willingly

waiting for me to lay myself upon her, sensually

My highest intention is creating a Goddess sanctuary

sacred space; allowing myself  to be wild and free

The picture on the wall of that lovely, hatted lady;

who do you think that purring pussy Kat, may be .. ?

Overlooking my raw retreat, she does so carefully

as far as her well functioning third eye can see ...

Underneath, lays one blossoming Hibiscus tree

as divine as divinity could ever hope to decree

Sunlight's energy flows through, ever sweetly

touching with tender fingertips... so carefully

Love weaving her telling and timeless tapestry

laying naked in raw repose .. is to live life; lusciously!

Katherine Marion


I love creating an image. Whether it be a cozy corner
i my happy, healthy, healing home ..

Or, simply, being photographed .. or photographing
my very own light-filled reality.

With my hearts purity,



Before .. i burned sage, lit incense, opened the windows
to let the sunshine stream in, played gentle loving music,
and made my magical bed .. dreamily.

Then, to lay my naked self, so gratefully ..



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