Friday, March 2, 2012

Each and Every Woman ... Needs a Friend!

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 reaching inside of her feminine self

                 lives a wonderment that will not end

                  ever enchanting as a Woodland Elf

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 pulling herself up by hairs; lost to pain

                 seeing a brighter future not to end

                 joining the land of the living and sane

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 maintaining balance in a world; off - axis

                 owning her power, as she does to send

                 takes plenty of Goddess-sent practice

                 Each and every Woman needs a friend

                 re-claiming the child; alone and lost

                 sharing her wealth hearts do mend

                 attracting all riches; brightly embossed!

                 Katherine Marion



                 "Terrific Tina" is the name i gave her!

                  A lovely soul, shining forth .. whom i
                  am so very grateful to have met, a couple
                  of consciousness-raising months ago, in
                  our intense 4 month intensive; " Beyond
                  Addiction," as seen on youtube ...

                  Studying Kundalini Yoga, for one
                  3 day weekend, per month - for 4 months,
                  ongoing  .. is a huge commitment that we
                  both, so wisely made.

                  My new friend, first called me up, yesterday,
                  on the first day of a most magical March- in
                  the making.

                  Ordering 2 bottles of "Brain-On." was
                  something her even newer brain, was smart
                  and savvy enought to so divinely do.

                  So, now, why don't you?!!!!



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                 Love Special K


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