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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Key Lime Pie a la Kat Purring


                   Made a mini Pie of Key Lime

                                  all mine

                    Forever  Rawomely Divine

                    Less that 5 minutes to prepare

                                fun to share

                    non-fattening' feels so very fair

                      Fresh squeezed organic juice

                                may seduce

                      setting  spirit's free and loose

                     Ripened avocado; blended in

                                pure as sin

                       adding honey for a sure win

                   Crust of dates and soaked walnuts

                                is a must

                 in Raw, Vegan; we can always Trust!

                 Katherine Marion



                After a power workout at the local gym, I enjoyed
                a detoxifying sauna. On my way home ... it came to
                me  .. to make Key Lime P:ie!

                Freeda is sleeping on our couch, and my delinquent
                teen computer addict is hiding out with his laptop.

                Thus, 'the world is my raw lime' (forget; oyster) to do
                 with .. as i please.

                 And, is everyone .. every gonna be pleased!


                  I could hardly keep this mini piece of delectable
                  magic .. away from my mouth.

                  Organically orgasmic!


                 Order yours, now.


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