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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Woman on the Street

On a wetted Kerrisdale street

after picking up raw pup meat

I biked around a huddled form

that I was soon to magically meet

"Your lucky! I can't bike. I"m afraid"

a doe eyed eyed mom told this one

"You must never be fearful of anything"

I said to the heart who'd lost her son

Trusted husband stole her love away

she's a teacher and lost her very say

thanks to the male who often beat her

wait til that Jew meets 'Judgment Day'

She wants him back and frets for teen

Goddess knows the darkness she's seen

Reminding her to own her power; my gift

telling me," Your energy is so very clean."

I listened as her heart wept into mine

forgetting about man's illusion of time

feeling a soul floundering and alone

un-doing with heart; a senseless crime

We never hugged or even held hands

not touching we held onto our truth

to love another with all one's senses

an inner voice needeth not sleuth

" Get out of your head," I advised

"And, into your body," my affirmation

with spirits already lifted ever high

I left her my devoted divination

"I know I am getting my son back,"

is all I hear in my magical mind - repeat

after meeting one more abused woman

on a  pretty, well swept W.Side street.

Katherine Marion


You can be the Angel or reach out to connect
to one ...

Either way ... the sanest thing to do is be what
we all need - Pure Love.

Listening with a wholesome and happy heart,

Special K


This 'gem' of a inviting incident .. occured, this
past early evening, after collecting much needed
monies from a 'last minute' massage client.

The universe hears our every prayer.

All we need  do ASK.

"Free Will' is ours.

To share ..  an even greater gift.

Receving is easy .... First we must ALLOW .

Barely beginning to blossom,

Special K - " all the way"


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