Friday, September 14, 2012

The Least of my Concerns

A mouse in my house is the least of my concerns
for a wise Woman chooses the butter she churns

Males who fear me, scurry in such  immense worry
vain attempts to overide the Strong Mother; ME

A plugged kitchen sink is the least of my concerns
for a  learned Woman receives life's lessons and learns

Males whom do not contribute I need not rebuke
for not even a drain is available to contain that puke

A freon'leaking fridge is the least of my concerns
for a smart Woman; knowledge painfully earns

Males who honor low ideals of;off and on 'er'
I'm not breaking my back or wetting pussy... over

A missing outdoor bulbt is the least of my concerns
cast away, in darkness; inner light, infinitely burns

Males who take money for slums they don't live in
harbor only resentment against those whom they 'sin'

A rape and death threat is the least of my concerns
for a sensitive Woman is aware of a tide that turns

Males who make mischief suffer unto merciless end
Mothers who love others; herself she first must tend

An eviction notice this fall, is the least of my concerns
for a savvy Woman knows of courts and legal law firms

Males assigning blame arrive first at inner shame
A kind heart never has to lower herself to play his game

An 'emptied bread basket' is the least of my concerns
for a powerful Woman; under pressure .. never squirms

Males who burn in their own private hell,so cheaply sell
themselves to a magical 'money-lender,'who can tell ...

Moving to "The Perfect Place" is the least of my concerns
a supernatural spirit never seeks or woefully yearns

Males can take a lesson from high Priestess; such as I
don't give up on your dreams, just remember how to  fly!!!!!

Katherine Marion


Many males are hovering around .. right now, to mislead me.
I sent one away today, on the phone, while relaxing peacefully
at home. Yesterday, he tried to tell me a lie about myself, while
I was entering my bath for a whole 10 minutes, before attending
and supporting a new friends cause, at a later event.

As my puppies lapped up my salted water and I scrubbed my body
clean, I knew that this was not to be enough .. listening to
rot that came out of the mouth of a male that could not have me
and this is about all .. he really knows. And, upon him .. the real
truth .. shows.

Rather than knock down a few more fearful foe .. blow by blow
- they only wish - think I'll just send them a kiss, rather than
their empty hearted death wish. Wanting me with a fervor, like
some cute DQ server who is gonna give them bullshit with their
nuts on top. Oops, better watch out .. I'm a Woman. Those nasty
 neighbors and other unsconscious community fear
mongers .. they might just talk .. Ha!


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