Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I AM Listening ...

I am listening ..
for sacred cue

I am listening ...
to a heart true

I am listening ...
to bells of blue

I am listening ...
as do very few

I am listening ...
sullen sun's hue

I am listening ...
a teardrop's view

I am listening ...
 Love to imbue

I am listening ..
believing in You!

Katherine Marion


'Knowing' is somthing sure
and right.

No book can profess. No
person can possess. No
society can lay measure.

No madman can know a
Mother's treasure ..

My son is priority in my life
It is my moral responsibility
 to ensure that he is adequately
prepared to own his power;
that he must firstly, accept.

Anticipating that billions are
not on the same wavelenth .. as
so devoutly am I - can cause even
 a wise mother to cry.

Not knowing where we are to
live by month's end.

Not knowing where my wounded
soul-mate son , is this morn.

Not knowing what the next dance
step shall so elegantly be ..

These are after -thought's to magical

Trusting the universe as I  lead the way
- with LOVE,


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