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Friday, September 14, 2012

I Am Sad at the Plight of Women

I am sad at the plight of Women
in this severely dis-jointed society

Well taught and tirelessly trite
Cock-whipped and far from free

I am sorry for those misfit males
I choose to not even call; "men"

That lowly generic 'garden variety'
intimidated by most magical me!

I am sad at the fright felt by Women
in this mainly dysfunctional society

Cornered by con's so turned-on
eroding where light once shone

I am sorry for ego's dependencies
sexual fantasies full of dis-ease

porrnographic images disqualify
unconditional love left out to die

I am sad at the plight of Women
in this mercilesslly sick society

losing purest of Womanly powers
without hope; beauty never flowers

I am sorry for disappointed boys
sold off with technologies toys

Blaming their caring  Mothers
delinquent dads make bad brothers

I am sad at the fright felt by Women
run by ruined men that beat them

Plauged by guilt and strung up-high
hardest to live and easier to die

I am sorry that an innocent child
doesn't understand primal from wild

Babies need gentleness to be strong
Kindness allows hearts to get along ...

Katherine Marion


I am glad I am able to turn'things' around,
at anyGoddess-given time ...All endings ...
even within the consciousness-raising
context of my hopeful poems; are merely
'new beginnings.'


As I was peeing in a bush, earlier today,
the first verse .. came to me. After
a phone call that violated my sense of
self.and dignity.

Too many Women put themselves up
as pretty ornaments on some misogynis't
trophy shelf.

This is certianly not the way to reclaim
inner wealth.

Very Soecial K

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