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Monday, September 24, 2012

Pain's Illumination

"Your acting like a victim,"
latest projection from him

Thoughtless words to say
thrown at me, yesterday

Could it be all that I give?
teen, needing to forgive

Cleaning up poo and pee
for four months, diligently

Lab puppies can be costly
yet, a happy heart is free

So  why would my Son
ever denounce his Mom?

Loving him for 16 years
I've touched all my fears

Embraced by true love
it hurts to feel his shove

mind so clean and free
now makes fun of me

connecting to us; barely
behaving so negligently

keep my heart filled full
storm befoe love's lull

hurting; is that little boy
who hopes me: to annoy

Wishing often for mentor
too much pain to ignore

he cannot be proud of self
unhealthy mental health

shooting bullets at light
causes sunshine no fright

flood dark with bright
watch it leave my sight

strike not at iron's hot
hope is all we've got

Focus on what counts
purity does not pounce

Power never scolds
kiindest truth unfolds

healing heart's to  hold
Strength, brave and bold

whatever seems so lost
found without any cost

gifts given offer sight
to tears into new night

all is not what it seems
divinities own dreams

'Victor;'in as she does
every 'negative'= plus.

Katherine Marion


I am rather proud of this .. particular
telling .. poem. Wonder how many
will find wihin themselves .. honour's
home ..?

We give away so much when we
do not value ourselves.

Thus, when someone points a
hary claw .. at mine own face.
Rather than pointing back at them
with impurities disgrace, I just
become more real and raw!

Offering up my emitons to work
throgh ... as I my.Self - expression goes
to 'work'' to play ...

Insight's arrived at .. with rare delay!!!

Staying in Love,

Katherine Marion



  1. How very sad this has happened to him, Society corrupts what is pure and free, he has been corrupted by the ideas of others, playing "video games" fitting in the flawed social norm thinking they are right and you are wrong since they are many and you are only one, there is still a slight chance for helping him not be fully tempted but you would have to get rid of the puppies since it is like you're putting them over him, please reconsider, concentrate solely on him, love him, find a way making him rethink society is wrong and you are right, Everyday he is losing his freedom, becoming more enslaved by others, you can still save him, he has to know how this corrupted society truly is

  2. Bless the Flowers - ever in bloom ...

    Thank you!

    It took me 16 years of his love-sent life, to bring in 2 sis and bro Lab pups. I felt it .. deeply, that more Love .. would help to suport his healing.
    He feels left out, i have found - to my chagrin. Yet, my instincts must be right-on. Of course, Kaelin's magical mind is closing more and more .. with his killing games and constant absorbtion in a world that is not real, warm or feeling.
    No male role model's, whatsoever. I even put an ad in a major local spiritual magazine .. seeking .. to no avail. He wants my attention, to be sure. And the little thta he was doing .. has almost completely dropped off. A very painful situation. Of course, very few .. other than the flowers ..'get it.'

    Today, i had a client tell me that i had " A Peaceful Life." Such a good actress am I.

    All i ache for is my son's reconnection to heart.
    Most unfortunately, this is not the typical person's concern. And, my son seems to want to fit in .. more than he .wants to know himself as he once so brightly and divinely did.

    I cannot 'see' myself giving up these 2 furry love balls.

    I have begun working on my own vibratory senses .. in many more ways. All i can do is bring more peace and harmony to my own being and have compassion contained within my valient vessel, for my son to drink thirstily from ...

    I keep believing and taking action to make sure that i arrive at my divine destination.

    You are very adept at understanding this situation.

    I am deeply inpsired to do something for teens .. to bring them closer .. to help my son. I have a few ideas. Yet, my son needs me one on one.

    I must trust that i have set my highest intentions.

    Looking after war-torn me is to be my priority - next.

    Yes, quite the outside war to contend me. Never in my wildest . did i ever envision that i would literally be fighting with an un-whole world, for purest possession of my once so ever ..rising son.

    This is my greatests thallenge .. on this planet, thus far.

    May i rise .. to this rawk'n occassion ..

    With gratitude for you and your empathic understanding.

    Shining Bright in Love's Gentle Light,
    Momma K


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