Saturday, September 22, 2012

Over Niagra Falls without a Barrel

Jumping from Niagra Falls
without a barrel

leaving a shakey son
a scared sparrow

he safely tells me
an academic; was she

his father, a PhD
he chooses not to see

his sister blames
family full of shames

i care not; share names ...
heavy-headed games

A life of feelings
there where-in: healings

this I have discovered
universal truth; uncovered

most lose to a mind game
few must hold self- reign

life is whatever we hoose
why decide to ever lose?

My heart is too sweet
to give away love's treat

everyone I ever meet
meets my heart-beat

Lonely lady; unstable
sits at that other table ...

"I'm a travelling Rabbi"
is her luggage-laden alibi

'Out to get her," believing
not open to even receiving

Paranoia; induced by pain
staring at me, again

writing on a white pad
traumatized; so very sad

heart closed for listening
love is light's christening

single mother on the street
8 year old son; love to keep

one more X; "daddy" deadbeat
another  misogynist creep

drinking with her gay brother
'real man' - never such other

they ask: " Do you tweet?"
Magic does always meet

Stay open to sharing
kindest kind of caring

allowing universal flow
energy wherever I grow ...

Puppies await my arrival
depend upon me for survival

Soon, I bike home, at 4 am
blogging my truth; until then

I am blessed to be alive
thus; shall I forever thrive

peace be always at my side
for it begins; first, inside ...

Maker of mine own dreams
all is never what it seems

the responsibiltiy is ours
to own our ominipotent powers!!!!

Katherine Marion


I also, met a most magical 19 year old teenage girl, this eve,
at Benny's Bagels on Broadway, ater ordering my Real
Chai Tea - delicious.

She is still a Virgin.

Her mom lost both of her beautiful breasts  at 36. Her husband
 stayed witth her and showed their children that their is always
HOPE, no matter ''what.'

She recognized me as a heroine, for she already has a broader
understanding of what heroic efforts Compassion contains ..
For Purity readily adopts refinement of the divine,
that many never come to terms with .. even after their time has 'expired.'
There are a mere magiclcal few of us, who have always
desired to know and be more ...!

I am so grateful for all the gifts that land at my blessed feet.
Even, when I am on my knees  .. knocked over by our 2
6 month Lab puppies, as they jump for a soccer ball that i
hold up in the air. Landing on my back, with a bruised knee,.
I laugh, in the face of oncoming traffic and a few more
earthly bruises.

It's how onw decides to land ...
No more excuses!

With openess to infinite possibilities,

Living a life of loving responsibilites to me and mine - "Amazing Mommy" supernaturally sublime - Katherine


Thanks to a conscious contribution; my Telus line has now been liberated and is now in
working order!

Thanks, Greg.

Next, my various valiant endeavors ... url's a many .. are up for renewal.
Thus, to share that i am open to receiving.

please connect in consciousness .. to - or - to show your supernaturally appreciated

In Greatness and Goddess-sent Glory,

Katherine and her unfolding 'Success Story.'


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