Sunday, April 28, 2013

He Threw a Bottle at My Head

     He threw a bottle at my head
     could have knocked me dead

     From his fancy high-rise above
     dirty deed; severely lacking in love

     Outside of an east -side co-op
     most are sweet -he is pure rot

     Through the trees the hit came
      if I'd been hurt; never the same

     Mental illness offers no excuse
     for projecting of one's refuse

     He has wee dogs of his own
     time to chew upon his bone

     Throwing dog poop at a kid
     sickness; this world has to rid

     Smeared shit all over play area
     Isn't that enough to scare ya?

     I took 2 girls to speak to police
     shook hands and said, "please"

     Show children not to have fear
     can't fight back with just a tear

     I watch most watch and do nil
     not the time to sit quiet and still

     Getting hurt; does not make sense
     what about protecting innocence?

     Calling Women; "Fu__ing whores."
     little mouse man, mighty he roars

     Unbelievable what people allow
     'turn the other cheek' and brow

     Little babes and children live here
     to 'golden rules,' all must adhere

     I am a mother and daughter, too
     my heart shows me what to do

     Next, i go to the housing corp
     show them my police report

     'lead by example' at my best
     pass my own love-sent test

      So what is he is 'mentally ill"
      crazy quitter on a window sill

      One more "Mommy issue"
       pass a diaper and a  tissue!

       Katherine Marion


     'There is a reason for everything."
      Most who were once in my life .. have abandoned
      me, for it does not feel top comfortable for them.
      How sad .. for them.

      Moving forward is not always a seemingly
      'comfortable fit."
     What about those who choose to 'walk the talk,'
     rather than 'on the pot," just think out ..
     one more shit ..

      The only way to make it all worthwhile.. is to ride
      life's wave .. in style!

      Kat purring amidst the noise


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