Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Can I do Better than before?

           What can i do better; than before?
            paying attention to what most ignore

            being the light that comes out of dark
            placing together, neatly; missing part

            What can i do better than before?
             this shell was tossed far from shore

            not speaking truth takes her own toll
            ridding one of deception; makes whole

            What can i do better than before?
            go deeply within and out; to explore

            help others by taking primary action
            surest way to magnify cosmic attraction

            What can i do better than before?
            better to convey, rather than implore

             hold myself accountable in all I do
             only way to remake myself a-new!

             Katherine Marion

             For many a good and Goddess-sent
             reason, i am far wiser, at this 'place
             in time,' to simply put reason to my rhyme.

             Rather than 'spell it out,' for those who
             deserve not to be given eyes to look into
             my telling life . to see.

            I am now, simply sharing - to give back
            unto me.

            In love's gentlest embrace,

            Special K with every tender trace

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