Monday, April 29, 2013

Many May Never Understand

                                     Many may never understand
                                     for they 'think' too much

                                     feeling unloving  about themselves
                                     thus, unable to truly 'see my hand.'

                                     Many may never understand
                                     heart's squeezed dry; to land ..

                                     upon swollen earth that is devoid
                                     of inner wealth; simply; paranoid

                                     Many may never understand
                                     trusting not 'the tides or sand'

                                     prisoner's within walls; writhing in pain
                                     never to clearly see light or love, again

                                    Many may never understand
                                    minds cramped and taste's bland

                                    undercurrents of energies lowly and foul
                                    lost soul is the first to throw in the towel

                                   Many may never understand
                                   from the divine; they did disband

                                   losing connection with truth ever clear
                                   gaining excess; hanging fiercely onto fear

                                  Many may never understand
                                  in callousness' cauldron; to stand

                                 waiting for some sign of life in death's valley
                                 eyes swollen shut; unable to see humanity

                                 Many may never understand
                                 our story; beyond Ann Raynd

                                  hope's journey is infinite and everlasting
                                  moral cleansing; done with hellish fasting

                                  Many may never understand
                                  best to act grandiose; than react -grand

                                 replenishment comes when we empty
                                 when it seems we possess nothing; plenty ...

                                 Many may never understand
                                 gold can be found and never panned

                                 gifts are given when we give and able to receive
                                 until we realize; we are the easiest to deceive

                                 Many may never understand
                                 babies are Gods; created and un-planned

                                 Goddess' are made of love and filled with light
                                 daybreak can be felt; fueled by the coldest night!

                                Katherine Marion


                              I am prone to say that this selfless analogy .. best describes my life
                              in the magical making .. right now.

                             All that i am safe to share; at this moment that will last a million
                             lifetimes and send out even more loving lifelines ...


                            I love you, being of my breath.
                            K2 forever





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