Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Supernatural Love of my Loving Life


At the tender age of 36 years young and youthful, I was gifted with the 'love of my life.' A miracle that came through me, as miraculous as any thought that first becomes an intention. Then, a crystallization ... creating a once upon a time unrealized realization.

My breath of freshest air has now MAN-ifested into a happy, homeschooling teen of 14 1/2 years. A playful and puposeful being, that this "Amazing Mommy" as he refers to me, is blessed to call her Goddess-sent own.

"Kaelin" called out my name, at a tumultous time; in which I had no conscious concept of ever birthing a child. Yet, as I began to believe in the power of believing and affirming: " i AM A MIRACLE. LIFE IS A MIRACLE. I AM THE CREATOR OF MIRACLES, " my life took on new meaning.

My belly began to swell with HOPE, as real HAPPINESS took over my newly found luscious life. Where distraction and lack of real values, once ruled my wounded world, a sense of PURITY and PURPOSE took SUPERNATURAL shape and fabulous form.

After my own typically dysfunctional childhood, I was gifted with a real and valid reason to LOVE myself and another human being. Remembering who I was meant to be ... became my major emphasis and JOY roused me into consciousness.

I began to let go ... of my financially prosperous mini entertainment empire and the 'donator of the seed,' whom so convincingly, said " I LOVE YOU." Whereupon, discernment joined with destiny, and my 'LOVE CHILD' and I began our JOYFUL JOURNEY ...

Choosing to be a 'single mom' was not my original intention. Yet, my select choice in raising my boy, alone, without the tampering of unwanted outside influences, is one of the wisest choices that I have ever made. Even if we have paid many an earthly price ...

My purposeful prodigy is growing into a REAL MAN. Nowadays, as never before, it is our responsibility as parents, caregivers and role-models to rule, raw'k and roll up the magical mats and take whatever flight of fancy ... it takes to make REAL MAGIC happen!!!!


Katherine Marion

(pic of K2 - captured this fantastic fall - October 2010 - Vancouver, B.C.)


This blog is experpted from my pages, that i have only written this .. gem, upon.
Goddess, if only a few .. knew what was happening and not .. in my world.. now!

I love you, King Kaelin.

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