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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Give me Heroine!

                               Give me Heroine
                               or lest i die

                               Give me Heroine
                               at best to try

                              Give me Heroine
                              courage be not shy

                              Give me Heroine
                              across cloudy sky

                             Give me Heroine
                             wings to fly

                             Give me Heroine
                             losers do sigh

                             Give me Heroine
                             a hit... to get by

                             Give me Heroine
                             'my drug of choice'," - I!

                             Katherine Marion


                             Thre rare addics on the downtown
                             lower eastside.

                            Others walk and talk .. not as hookers,
                            on the west side.

                            What's the damned differecne between                            
                            the so called 'lesser' of the both .. tortured

                           One at least knows.. with dirty 'cick,'what do 'do'

                           Here's to the pimp; 'working the street' and
                           his lowly apprentice .. 'taking the heat.'

                           Here's to the child stabbed in the flesh..
                           or 'multiple wounds' inflicted by his "Amazing
                           Mommy" who chose not to roll onto her tummy
                           and play dummy ot those in bureacracy;
                           choosing to break up one beautiful family!

                          More .. later

                         Bless this homage to love and how off-center
                         a series of self centered souls have so unbecomingly..

                         Hope from a heart that has only begun .. to sing!

                         Kaheirine - Goddess of Love and everything!

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