Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Almond Eyes I Adore To Eat

Almond Eyes I simply adore to eat
with flaxen hair ... as delcious treat

Glowing skin I could munch upon
our table filled with love and beyond

Freckles meant for counting fun
as someone such as Supernatural Mom

Eyebrows ideal for trimming raw cake
as I sit down to pure and preciously partake

Nose topped with sun .. straight and smooth
breathing in pure love and loving proof

Eyelashes long enough to kiss with love
blessed Angel visting me from heaven-above!

Lips healthy and pink and ready to kiss
gentle upon mine own cheek ... as I write this!

Katherine Marion

http://www.3rdeyefoto.com/ - under conscious conscious construction


If this be the wondrously giving way in which I unwind .. by writing rawsome love proetry to my beloved boy, then so be it!

Originally, all I wished to do was dig up the matching pic of Kaelin, since I have recently uploaded one of myself, taken at the same period in time.

Should be interesting to look upon our faces, in a few years, yet ...


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