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Friday, June 4, 2010

The Empress Wears New Clothes

The Empress wears new clothes

naked underneath ...

What does royal blue, to you, sweetly bequeeth?

The Empress wears new clothes

hiding nary .,.

Why would her loyal subjects find this somehow, scary?

The Empress wears new clothes

stutting her stuff ...

Unto her Goddess-self,  how could another rebuff?

The Empress wears new clothes

sending out her song ...

Don't  sexy platform heels, unto her, belong?

The Empress wears new clothes

feeling her very best ...

Can you believe surgeons have never touched her breast?

The Empress wears her new clothes

creating a magical mirror ...

Do you know that where there is LOVE, lives not fear?

Katherine Marion


The other day, with very little sleep, carrying too much choiceless chatter in my heavy head, and aching for the sun and some new clothes ... I tried on a few darling deva outfits at Bebe on Robson.


Completely transformed.

So what if I am this spiritual gal!

I AM living in a physical reality and my body/mind told me to pay attention to my urges and allow my Goddess self to thrive!

Rather than to divide and allow unconsciousness to quickly conquer, I submitted to sensuality, sexuality and genuine female playfulness.

Here's to looking after the Woman in me, that calls out to dress-up, go out, be seen, flirt, enjoy and ingeniously employ whatever feminine wiles that I may, however I choose and when I deem divinely appropriate.


Deliciously Readying,


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