Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Spirits Are Raised High - See You Up There ....

What kills a person's spirit?

The need to compete. co-operate, curtail, condemn, conceal, and control.

Wonder how I know all of ths?

I have learned by looking at my lies and personal self-deceit, and realizing that this was too much of a burden to burn or bear.

Who taught me this wisdom?

I have always been wise and yet, I had to really begin to listen to my heart to trust myself, again.

How can others harm another?

Fear that binds them and keeps them captive to their own unconsciousness.

Why don't I just give up?

Believing in myself and the power of the truth is all I have to really give.

Am I ever afraid of what is happening around me?

All my worldly life, I have been sexualized, objectified  and traumatized. Why start now?

Am I aware that I AM on the verge of a new victory?

As never before, I see all the red lights placed in front of me, causing me glee!

Was I always this brave?

I was raised to be independent and was given much opportunity to practice these higher aspects of myself.

Am I ever afraid?

Horrifyingly terrified!

What causes me to make a shift?

Creating silence in my mind and filling up with joy and gratitude.

Do I believe in God?

I am the only Goddess I need to trust in.

Why is the world in such a sordid state?


What does society have to do to become whole and happy?

Each person must allow herself to think for themselves and own responsibility for their individual actions.

How can I be happy?

Be content with what is and know that everything that is happening is for a reason larger than us.

Who are you?


Your magical mirror,

Katherine Marion


Please enjoy this fresh pic of the day ... which raises my spirits and allows me to grow and glow as only an impassioned flower can!

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