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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Questions From A Brave Heart .... "Wonder who called the Ministry of Children and Families?"

Wonder who called The Ministry of Children and Families, on us, upon two different occassions, lately?

Don't you know that it is only you that has to live live with your own mindless accusations?

Are you not aware that any time another causes pain for the conscious caregiver and custodian, the innocent child is also, needlessly hurt?

Why not give up this esponage to sabotage, and live your own life so that I may rightfully live mine?

Aren't you aware, yet, that no matter where you attempt, it is you whom chooses to live in your own private hell and I am looking down at you ... with mercy?

Are you excited that I now have a $1,500.00 bursaryfor my teen homeschooler, from a huge art school, thanks to you bringing a nice social worker to visit us?

Have you ever wondered why cowards never look in the mirror at their own reflection?

Do you know that none of you will ever cause me to pull out my hair in painful duress, again?

What is it that you somehow believe to have, that must be so severely lost in your own loveless life, such a long and lonely time ago?

Do you really think that your emotionally imature behaviours are above it all, in a muddled manner of yours that merely bespeaks of self absorption and a very short shelf life?

Do you not know that after over 50 anonymous calls to MCFD, about magical me, that maybe someone at that crazy 'take children away for no reason, except to get a pay cheque for helping mind a dysfunctional societies unwritten rules' is paying atttention?

Don't you ever want to gain your own self esteem and go dive off a high cliff called your own consciousness, instead of calling it quits and feeling sorry for yoursefl?

Do you think that broken down barbie dolls with extreme brains, don't ever cry and hurt - just like you should remember to do?

Why do you so easily forget the many times I held you in my arms as you shrieked hysterically over your long buried pain; causing you to walk away smiling and feeling good about yourself?

Do you really believe that your own child will never find out about your indecent behaviour and lack and regard that you pretend does not exist, because you are in a smog of your own highly addictive behaviours that are already harming the now ever- growing and still glowing,' baby' you once so generously gave birth to?

What mis-creates such huge jealousy in you that you would let others do your fighting because you choose to hate the person you so much want to be like, yet, don't have the balls to admit or the heart to open ...?

Are you really convinced that your conniving and underhanded practices are not clearly seen by more than me and mine?

And, most of all ... how are yuo able to live with yourself ?

Thank you for what you have reminded me of - "Nature abhors a vacuem."

Moving on,




Here I am ... laying in peaceful repose, in the front lawn, filled with my pretty posies.


Kaelin took this picture of me, two sunlit days ago. Be sure and go to the ministry ... Just like you did with that "Naked Goddess In The Bathtub" story ... of yours.


  1. katherine,

    Hope all is well, sounds like you are getting hooked into a spat with the local kats...
    ignore them and watch your boundaries so nobody has nothing to say..nothing that is any of their business to mind...boundaries are kind.

  2. Dearest Jeanne,

    I really appreciate you posting a comment and showing you care.

    I am simply expressing my emotion .. riding the wave.

    Sometimes we are the rock and often we are the unsettled breeze.

    Whereever I am, it is my choice to feel my emotions and to express with my voice that I am given.

    And, this i am grateful to share.