Monday, June 28, 2010


Pretty flower girl all dressed up and nowhere to go

except inside ... where flowers grow.

Weddings are not made upon an altar with a priest

marry yourself and slay that torturous beast.

Fields of clover are not buried and over as we age

finding true beauty allows us to be our wised sage.

Heavens gate does not close when we choose our pleasure

opening our eyes to real love is forever our ultimate treasure!

Katherine Marion


My last boyfriend told me he fell in love with me as he watched me smell the flowers, for hours, upon a walk one wondrous day.

This vison of me smelling the beyond aromatic posies, through a nieghbor's pretty picket fence, was taken years later.

In this magical snapshot of my magical life,  my patient son slows down to photograph his never to be grown up - Mommy, as she savors all that really matters - beauty as we find it!


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