Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is my life

not yours

Who are you

starting wars?

This is my life

with my son

Who are you!

Probably no one.

This is my life

of he and I

Who are you?

Sad with a sigh

This is my life

worth living

Who are you

not forgiving?

This is my live

me and mine

Who are you?

What's my crime?

This is my life

lived in peace

Who are you

for me to displeace?

This is my life

alive and bright

Who are you

to fill with fright?

This is my life

created in love

Who are you?

Says Kat from above

This is my life

Fair and fine

Who are you

with your whine?

This is my life

unto mine own

Who are you

stories full-blown?

This is my life

from the heart

Who are you

blowing a fart?

This is my life

made from scratch

Who are you

B.S. to dispatch?

This is my life

never the same

Who are you?

Accusations insane

This is my life

space to grow

Who are you?

Now, go blow ...

Katherine Marion


At least when I get pissed off, I don't hold a Goddess-damned grudge, stay dead, in dirty deed alone, to merely keep my putrid past alive and the present unknown.

If I have something to say, I communicate my feelings, without harbouring harmful judgement and living a lifeless life of fear.

Passive agressive" is the term a professional would use. The way you treat another you do thus abuse  ... with the negative words utilized as you harmfully accuse.

Do your 'family of origin' work, before you unravel the loving life of everyone who comes near your depleting energy. For you are no longer the sacred source  that you were once so magically meant to be. Now, another could easily call yourself a threat the the welfare of loving humanity.

Elevate yourself to the heights of dvinity. For the dank cellar of despair from where you choose not crawl, is the reason you are still dying in your own shadow. Way down there.

I can't see you from where I stand in royalty. My loyalty is to mine favored family and me. You are not of the same flower from whence you once did so beautifully grow. Baby, you have lost that loving flow!

You may cause me to cry a few tears. Thereby, getting me in touch with long forgotten fears.  I can thank you for all the hellish havoc you wreak upon your crowded mind, from these conscious channels that I so carefully swim within. Seeing you as a shark in infested waters, I only give you more power that you even any longer have to call as your vested own. Thus, I remain, with myself and my child, playing my spiritual music, while relaxing ....  at my happy home.

Now, do the sanest same and leave me and my heavenly Angel ... alone!


You know who you are and you know where I live. Fortunately, the physical address we, as neighbors, share, is not the place where yesterday's monsters lurk, to find you still hiding there.


My beloved boy snapped this quick pic of me, after a couple of hours, spent reading, in the late afternoon sun, laying upon the front lawn - as the flower that I so magically am!


  1. Dear Dream Supernatural Woman,

    It's heaven to see you like this - all fired up about something you are making a difference in the world doing. I enjoy contributing to lighting your fire, and keeping it lit. As you do mine.... that's what love is about. Not about money or using each other in user-friendly relationships. We are joyful when giving wholly to one another simply for the sake of being in the service to another, not even expecting anything in return, or feeling so lack and victimized we have to attach "worth" to our already priceless personas.

    I am a mirror reflecting upon yourself...
    You are weaving an amazing fabric for a senseless society; pulling the thought-provoking threads together ... to bring to the delicious surface, the most sensational way of living one's luscious life.

    When there is practice of love energy, only harmony exists, no assumptions or fears need be made to block the flow of love energy. Out of love, we reap what we sow, so we use our conscious being to sow only loving thoughts and deeds. Seek to surround yourself with the conscientious people to yearn to live in joy with.

    A happy life is complete when there is no more questioning, no more complaining. Replacing thoughts of what's GOOD about everything, even insanity, does a soul good. A toast to tantric touch in all its glory. Keep the rays shining, dear sunshine.

    from your Vociferous Viking,

  2. Deaest Raw Chef - Eric,

    Thanks for your grateful words.

    Glad I am able to inspire so many, as I am contantly inspired as I continue to conscientiously tranform myself and that outside of mine sacred supernatural self.

    I shall enjoy speaking more of my truth as I share both sides of the fabric i wear and share, so wondrously well.

    Grateful that I could afford to consciously contribute the supernatural energy to help connect the deliciou dots for you and your ad-venture, in promoting and marketing your recent rawk'n workshop, this joyful July.

    Be sure and read my latest loving touches as read upon the page of my new article in

    Stay serving it cool and conscious in Costa Rica!

    Weaving my wondrous web,

    Victorious in Vancouver,