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Sunday, July 17, 2011

"LOVE'S TOUCH" on Davie - For You and Me!


selling luscious lingerie
 toys and joys for you and me

naughty nurse outfit to buy 
handmade lace panties to try-on

soaking up sexy vibes while sitting down 
no one other than Goddess wears this crown 

spreading wings of joy as she struts her soulful stuff
can't help but smile at a gal who is simply 'up to snuff?'

trying on everything that ex-stripper who works there, passes her way
simply having fun for once in a womanly while, upon this diva divine day

many gals could learn a thing of two, from a 51 year young mommy, who wears white so well
anyone else who doesn't walk tall ...  in high-heeled heaven, is already,  all too surely, in hell!

Katherine Marion


We all have our coping skills. Some are healthier than others. For a single mommy,
who rarely dresses up, to be taken out for a raw, gourmet dinner, how scary 
can preparing for an occasional comic strip-a-gram , really be?

Besides, it is truly, the only time I get to look after those girly giggling parts
of magical me!


Katherine in Greatness & Glory 


  1. you look awesome no matter how old you are. You dont even look anywhere near your age. Everyone a woman wants to dress sexy and feel good about herself, then go for it, IMO you look sexy nobody what you chose to wear. I know you have had a hard couple past days with thhose images, so its nice to see such a beautiful sexy image like this with great words. continue to be strong Momma K. you must be doing something right :)

  2. Dear flavourful fan - Josh!

    Thanks for your own lovely words.

    Even Goddess' gotta have fun.

    You are right - 27 uninvited images of unbelievable gruesomeness .. appearing on my pretty fb page, did dampen my uplifted spirits.

    Merely momentarily ...


    With gratitude,