Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Family Leaves a Footprint

                        A family leaves a footprint
                As large as any glass slipper can dream

                        Single Mommy loves him

                   Challenging though life may seem

                          A family creates a home

              Two can make a  wounded world better

                        Pubescent teen adores her

               Getting good can only be getting better

                      A lifetime is served up now

            Societies mirrors may be severely distorted

                   Soul-mates rise to the challenge

               True love can never be long thwarted

                     A family casts a golden light

              Turning circumstance on its hurting head

                    Truth seeing all before hidden

                Healing hearts where faith has led


                           Katherine Marion


                     A family is comprised of conscious behaviour
                     on the immediate uprise!

                     Amazing  ... how one sub-nuclear unit is able
                     emit a frequency so high, that all can feel the
                     vibrations that begin with wonders from within.

                     Personal power can never be bested .. No matter
                     how often and to what grandious lengths, long-
                     standing faith is to to truly tested.

                     The ripple effect is best described as poetry of
                     a magical mind, taken to the mass-uprising level ...

                     Massive shift in consciousness, occurring , with
                     considerable positive consequences, as evident
                     for those with skills to see.

                     Transportive territory is the truest shape-shifter,
                     when fed love's infinite energy. Beauties balloon
                     filled with goodness dropping down on you and me!


                       Our sweet pic was taken by the articulate
                       biography of my steady as I can-cam hand,
                       Sometime this early Spring, when even then,
                       we made wingless birds sing ...


  1. This has to be one of your best Goddess. Truly inspirational.

  2. I really appreciate your most thoughtful words, dear BBking!

    Sad that more people are not able to reach out .. Let alone, show their gratitude.

    I am writing .. in hopes of connecting to other like-minded individuals, with open hearts and soaring souls.

    Thanks for being here!

    Goddess K

  3. if there was a like button i would of clicked it :)

  4. Dear josh,

    Positive commentary is much appreciated.

    Keep reading ...

    Blessings and Bliss,


  5. why do you feel that all can feel your family vibes and causes everyone to rise?

  6. And, now, if you are seriously serious, about that question .. Jeanne,

    To me, the person with the highest vibration wins!

    A new phrase that i recently coined.

    When we are not being 'caught off guard' or 'playing safe' or 'getting stuck,' we are finding our truth, with light, love and lighthearted tributes, action sand delights.

    Thus, while high energy scares many. Others are fueled by like-minded and consciousness-raising catalysts that bespeak of truth.

    A feeling .. is far more vital, than searching for fool-hearty evidence.

    I would ask, "Don't you agree?"

    Yet, that does not even matter.

    iN love and never alone,