Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Did I ask you?

Did I ask you

     to fly

a supersonic jet

through my sky?

Did I ask you

     to lie

about that which

makes a baby cry?

Did I ask you

     to sigh

burying bodies

of those who die?

Did I ask you

     to try

escaping pain

turning a blind eye?

Did i ask you

 how high

a junkie can get

with a needle dry?

Did I ask you

   so shy

for an open heart

to go with your rye?

Did I ask you

   ever sly

holiday for life

sickly skin to fry?

Did I ask you


 children go hungry?

Please enjoy your pie!

Katherine Marion


AsI lay in bed, this morning, attempting sleep .. I heard the most ferocious roar. I actually feared that it may just be as my dream .. a few weeks ago, foretold. Hanging onto love, i listened to the storm outside my open bedroom window. Sure enough, we are all supposedly safe as can be. Merely a multi-million dollar, metal machine,  zooming through clear blue skies.


And, then i began to see partitions of sky being almost actioned off. To the highest bidder. And, why, this has not already happened, yet ...

Thus, here we are.




  1. You are a very wise and wonderful woman. You are equally as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. Please continue to be your free, happy self so you may continue to enlighten and inspire.

  2. Thanks, dear Mathew!

    Especially for posting under your online faceook name. Unlike so many fearful others whom hide behind a made-up mask.

    Very grateful to receive your inspired energies ...

    Delighted Deva,