Saturday, July 9, 2011

Goddess Uncovered ....

                               Some run for cover
                                    straight -on
                             Goddess knows no other

                                 Few walk tall
                             Goddess touching sky

                                Many look down
                                     eyes shut
                               Goddess does strut

                                Most hide scared
                                    tight butt
                               Goddess un-bared!

                               Katherine Marion


                             My webmaster, Peter, bought a brand new Canon,
                             for this shoot. We shot this ... the other day, against a wall
                             in my bedroom After i had slept a mere 2 hours,
                             enjoyed a scented bath,  applied my eco-friendly
                             given a professional massage - i was ready!

                             I prefer more natural lighting, as in future pics, to be
                             soon, uploaded. Yet, i hope you like my pretty
                             Italian dress, that actually is a wee bit longer than
                             a daydream or two .. may seem!



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  2. keep being you. You eat healthy, spread positive energy and a great mother. You dont like anywhere near your age. Why not wear what you want..this is a very sexy dress on you. Shows off what a natural sexy body could look like if you take care of the way the dress hugs on your body from nips to the cheeks lol.. have a great day..The one

  3. By gosh - great Josh!

    Thanks for your rawk'n reminder ..

    All it takes in one person .. you - to help make this supernatural woman's divine day!

    Blessed by beauty,

    katherine in greatness and greatitude

  4. I find it hard not to stare, you must live in a society of gentlemen Goddess.

  5. Thanks, BBking!

    Why do you say that I "must live in a society of gentlemen?"

    I have no idea what you mean ...

    I wish it were true.

    special K