Friday, July 22, 2011


     I am so empathic - it's pathetic!
    Don't those selfish sufferer's get it?

    Two years ago, I was hemorraging
   From mouth and nose; not imagining

  I wasn't even sleeping with my x, then

 He'd been driving me around the bend ...

 Bleeding more, every month, than me

 Plenty attention, I could bloody well, see

 I'm so empathic - it's pathetic!
Write out: a "No boundaries" ticket

 Four years ago, my Mommy died

I picked up on those who had lied

 For over a year, I cried and cried

Gaining in LOVE - they never tried

 Eating all the pain that nobody shows

No bruising  -  merely unseen blows


 I'm so pathetic - It's pathetic!

 Swallowing hurt ... when fed it

 Opening my heart to all I meet

 Closing my eyes to another repeat

 Choosing to see the best in all

 No matter how low they do crawl

Losing power, after giving away

 What voice - a mute Goddess, to say?

 I'm so empathic - It's pathetic?

 For me, the consequences; tragic!

One single Mom, had lost her son

Pulled out her hair; a secret from everyone

Next thing you know, I am doing same ..

 Feeling somewhat emotionally insane

 Life can feel to be filled with much pain

Yet, I'd rather be the river, than the rain!

              Katherine Marion


               This pretty picture in pink .. was captured
               a mere and teary year ago, on our front
               lawn, by my sweet and kindly obliging,
               shining Son.

               I had already begun plucking. Next thing
               you know, a nasty jealous neighbour told
               me, "We're not getting any older." So, off ...
               all my youth enhancing hair .. did go!

              Same as that mean gal on yahoo who sent
              me such a hidden dart ... in her thoughtful
              e-mail. Telling me how great I looked 'for
              age. Which she was  .. also. Hiding her rage.

              Before I locked myself in my own gilded cage.
              Hiding in the flowers and at the river. Biking
              to the gym and coming back from lifting weights,
              after the birds came singing in ... My lost twin.

              Shadow sister hiding in the dark. Left alone for
              far too long. Until she chopped off her own
              Goddess gift of Angel halo hair. Goes to
              show all ..

              TRUTH can afford to be laid bare ...!








  1. so much sadness and you know WHY? whats the problem?

    imaginings...the mind too active the mind is not your spirit, the spirit is quiet. reflect this and reflect neutrality, no thoughts, no judgement and then you do not have to conflict as there is a coflict on CONTROL. Control the busybody mind. Tell it to SHUT UP! and stop its cruel tendencies....the mind is a sociopath if all was known about its errant thoughts the mind has no mind except its sacred self and the scred self has NO CRUELTY JUDGEMNT ETC> so I ask you WHO, just WHO or what is thinking those thoughts which sets your sails?

  2. Dearest Jeanne

    Rather than chafe at the bit to put your cite on ... please write your own beautiful blog - as i have sagely suggested.

    No matter what thoughts enter my pretty head - even if thy are not my sacred own, i am going to be mindful.

    When i share my communicative skills . i am merely hoping to touch, inspire, and offer others - such as yourself - courage of the heart - to do the sanest same.

    These wounded words that you dig into with gusto and relish .. are not my own. "Judgements" and "conflict' are your own 'projections' to deal with. Not mine.

    "Errant thoughts" are not mine. "Sacred self " is something sweet and genuine, that I hold close and appreciate to the highest regard,

    And, i , like all else .. am i better and more whole person, when I honour all that i AM - shadow and light.

    Becoming lighter with every stroke of light,


  3. i think it is about what train of thought you follow of your own thoughts, not all thought are thought out but none are neutral...emotions stem from thoughts...thoughts are not always conscious and need to be weeede out rather then to get emotional over them. Thisis all I meant. Be diligent to take responsibility for ur thinking and to understand the difference between reality and what is essentially not real. Dig out of the Mind control pit of our family, childhood, beliefs, fears, etc. Thoughts stemming from this are ususally not based in truth but in fear. NOT REAL. Yes I will blog when I can right now I have such an awakening freeing myself from years of mind control that I am weaving a new web

  4. Dear Jeanne,

    Thanks for your words.

    My world,


  5. I cannot email you as my email comes back...thanks