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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Naked as a Flower - I AM!

After the massage

I walk my peaceful self home

Before blessed bed

although, tired to the bone

I pick fresh flowers

along winding sleepy road

They speak of love

onto dreams I can still hold

Fresh as summer air

Everyone has gone to sleep

Old pain comes up

Walking; I begin to weep

So very touched, am I

beauty blossoms everywhere

I hope someone truly sees

my truth; as naked and bare.

Katherine Marion


Often, I feel so very lonely.
 With this  recent week - worn 
and spent ...Enduring our recent post Fukishima nuclear fallout,
is painful enough. Living in a near to boiling bubble 
of low pressure poison ... Spreading a virus that almost everyone 
around me, is fitfully playing host to. Havoc plays
supreme ruler to Mother Nature as more bloodshed
is laid at her beaten-down door.

Blowing my nose, after an incredibly restful
hour, under the tender-hearted care of a kind Asian healer. 
I am blessed to know that my lymph nodes are draining and
health and vitality are on an upswing. Traditional Chinese 
Massage; and its myriad of magical benefits many ... 
Yet, compassion is the biggest gift that I received
upon this enchanted evening.



A pretty pic was taken, this past late night, 
after my 13 mile return trip, from New Feet Clinic. 
Standing in my rawk'n kitchen; wearing my freshly cleaned
Sports Bra and new Power Crystal bead bracelet.

Enjoy the posies - please.

I AM!!!!



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